About Diotima


Owning and operating a successful bookstore for 7 years back in the early 90s taught me first-hand about the needs and concerns of a small business person. Along with all the administrative work involved in running a store, I did all my own marketing, creating flyers, newsletters, press releases, brochures etc.. My marketing efforts were highly successful. The store was featured in newspapers, TV and radio on a regular basis.

I also learned that trying to do it all myself was exhausting!

After selling my store, I worked for 3 years as the assistant to the publisher of Smithsonian magazine. I also wrote and produced the in-house newsletter for the magazine. (I even had a short article published in Smithsonian, which you can read here.)

When I first heard about virtual assistance, I immediately realized that this was what I had needed when I had my bookstore. Then it occurred to me that I would be a good VA myself. So I applied and was accepted into the premier AssistU training program for VAs (www.assistu.com). I graduated from the program in 1999, and I've had a full-time practice as a virtual assistant ever since.

I've enjoyed working with clients in a variety of fields including finance, corporate training, and non-profits. I live in western North Carolina.