How Does it Work?

Most offices today are largely "virtual" whether they realize it or not. People sitting only a few feet from each other send files back and forth by e-mail, while smart phones, laptops and WiFi mean travelling business people are never out-of-touch with the office.

Virtual Assistance simply takes this technology to its logical conclusion for small-business owners; giving them the benefits of skilled, long-term administrative help without the hassles of hiring and providing for an employee.

As your Virtual Assistant (VA) I get to know you and your company well, and I put all my skills in administration, computers and marketing to work for you. As an independent contractor, I do all this work from my own office, using my own equipment. I work -- and charge you for -- only the amount of time you actually need me each month.

The costs associated with hiring someone usually mean an employer pays out more than double the employee's actual salary. With virtual assistance, you pay only for the work that is actually done for you. There are no hidden costs of taxes, benefits, "downtime", computer and office maintenance, or accounting charges for filing government forms.

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